Make sure your roofer is not a criminal

Make sure your roofer is not a criminal

Each and every person who wish to make a home office etc.. its essential parts are foundation wall, roof. All these three parts are essential and complementary to each other. 

So we need to ensure that none of the above basic 3 essential parts is a criminal for a new construction house or office etc..

 especially the roof. Because the roof is an essential or most important portion of the construction subject. It protects the building or home office from the natural climatic condition. Roof protect the wall and foundation from heat and water. If roof is not good it will damage the whole building or home so quickly our its life will decrease by several years.

The roof also reflects the wealth of our status if the roof system very expensive then we can say that its been a well establish a person or popular person in our society.

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A poor person can not afford a good roof or good house by its look we can assume that the person belongs to society. If the roof does not match our economic and social culture with respect to geographical condition then it must be a criminal in a general point of view.

Get A New Roof With Ease

If the roof is so old we need to care more or it will effect in structure of the building. If the roof is not ok we can not work properly it decrease our production as well as production coast also it hampers the basic structure of a business.

Before installing roof one must ensure roofer quality and roofer life as and roof is not a criminal before time one must install their roof by professional roofers. By doing this one can say money and material also. A good roofer can make it good quality roof whose life span slightly more than normal installation. By a expert roofer roofing done by low-quality material its look the very nice and durable also.

Nowadays we are leaving in digital and modern world. A good roofer gives a choice with few cost insurance for roof it will be very good choice for those who want to install the hassle-free roof.

By all this and so many ways not mention in this column we can achieve a good quality roof or we can say the roof does not play any criminal role on the construction subject. If such type problem arises then we ensure by expert and remove the problem as early possible to lead a happy and peaceful mind.

From these steps we can sure that our roof does not play any criminal role for our construction site or old constructed site being from several years.

Acument® Global Technologies Names TORX® Drive System World Class Quality Award Winners

Troy, Mich., USA (August 26, 2010) – Acument® Global Technologies, Inc. (Acument), a leading supplier of mechanical fastening technology, has announced the 2009 winners of its TORX® Drive System World Class Quality Awards. Owner of one of the largest and longest-running intellectual property licensing programs in the fastening industry, Acument established the annual award program in 2005 to recognize its high-performing, qualified licensees who demonstrate the greatest commitment to manufacturing high quality, authentic TORX® fasteners and tooling during the previous calendar year. Five drive tool producers and 13 fastener manufacturers representing Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, and the United States were among Acument TORX® licensees receiving the award for 2009 performance.

Acument® Global Technologies Appoints Patrick Paige President and Chief Executive Officer

TROY, Mich. (January 17, 2011) – Acument Global Technologies, Inc. (Acument), one of the world’s leading providers of mechanical fastening systems, today announced the appointment of Patrick Paige as its President and Chief Executive Officer, effective February 1, 2011. He replaces Rick Dauch, who had served as President and CEO of Acument since June 2008 and will leave the company later this month to pursue other professional opportunities.

Since joining Acument in July 2008 as Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Paige has had full responsibility for leading the company’s Human Resources, Legal, Information Technology, Public Affairs and other corporate functions, as well as general management responsibility for the Acument Italia, srl unit in Aprilia, Italy. During this time, he also led the company’s UK-based Avdel® global blind fastening business as its Vice President and General Manager, directing operation of its manufacturing and distribution resources in seven countries. He improved Avdel’s operating performance and played a meaningful role in transitioning the business to new ownership in August 2010.

During his more than 20-year career, Paige also has held senior leadership positions with Johnson Controls, American Axle & Manufacturing and Chrysler Corporation. From 2004 to 2008, he served as Vice President – Human Resources, for the North American automotive unit of Johnson Controls, Inc. There, he managed all human resource, labor relations affairs, communications and other initiatives for 35,000 employees in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Prior to that, he gained a decade of Operations, Legal, and Human Resources leadership experience with American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM), beginning as Corporate Counsel and concluding as Vice President, Human Resources. During his tenure, Paige had full P&L responsibility as President and CEO for AAM’s UK-based Albion Automotive subsidiary, a manufacturer of medium and heavy duty commercial truck axles and components with facilities in England, Scotland & Germany, with customers throughout Europe. Paige began his career in 1987 with Chrysler Corporation, where he held successively more responsible manufacturing, legal and human resources roles.

Paige earned both a Juris Doctorate degree from Michigan State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the university’s residential James Madison College. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan and a resident of Ann Arbor, Mich.

In commenting on his new position, Paige said, “I am honored to be chosen to lead Acument during this exciting period in the company’s development. Under the guidance of Rick Dauch, Acument emerged from the global recession financially and competitively strengthened. I will work closely with the Acument leadership team to implement the actions we have launched to make Acument an even stronger competitor, and support our ability to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers in the North and South American transportation markets.”

“Platinum Equity extends its appreciation to former President and CEO Rick Dauch for the actions he took to competitively and strategically reposition Acument and wish him the best in his future endeavors,” said Bryan Kelln, President of Portfolio Operations for Platinum Equity.

“Patrick Paige has displayed exceptional leadership skills while at Acument, playing a key role in its repositioning while simultaneously directing the Avdel business through its ownership transition last year. He has the full support of Platinum Equity to continue the initiatives already underway at Acument to achieve significant gains in operating performance and profitability.”

About Acument Global Technologies, Inc.
Headquartered in Troy, Mich., USA, Acument Global Technologies, Inc., is among the world’s leading providers of mechanical fastening products and services for the transportation market, including engineered fastening systems, inventory management services, and application engineering support. With more than 2,600 employees at facilities in North America, South America and Europe, Acument supplies fastening products, systems and services to customers around the world. For more information about Acument Global Technologies, visit